Tamanna & Aish Overriding Mahesh & Nag

Two biggest sexy starlets are now overriding two super stars of Telugu industry with their ravishing glamour. Though these two heroes have no matches from their male contemporaries, these women are giving them a tough time.

More than film circuit, it is ad-circuit that is defining the stamina of our stars these days, because acting in ad-campaign means the reach is diverse and unique. Both Mahesh and Tamanna are competing in local cell phone segment, where a retailer Univercell and a manufacturer Celkon had them as their brand ambassadors. With Mahesh's ads not coming up regularly and Tamanna gracing every small event and ad of Celkon, the craze is shifted towards her. Unlike these two, Nagarjuna and Aishwarya are both the faces of Kalyan Jewellers. While Nag surely holds a better position in AP, Aishwarya garnered huge attention nationwide as this is her first work post pregnancy.

Generally, the latest ambassador of any product overrides the previous star endorsing it. So the buzz is who will surpass Tamanna and Aish, and maybe Mahesh and Nag will come with new concepts to put their names first, feels an observer.

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