Amala Akkineni in the role of a Widow

Surprised, but it's true! Amala Akkineni will be seen as a widow in her comeback film 'Life Is Beautiful'. She plays the mother of three children and her character is that of an independent, strong woman who is full of positivity despite facing several odds in her life.

Attempting such role after 20 years break from acting needs a lots of guts, but a humble Amala gives the credit to sensible filmmaker Sekhar Kammula. Explaining the reasons that prompted her to sign the film, the actress revealed it's director's belief in her, impressive rushes shown to her, playing the mother of two girls and last but not least the promise made by Sekhar that her portion will be completed in just 7 days.

However, Sekhar broke the promise as Amala shot for the film for more than 7 days due to the extreme weather conditions. The actress even took that very sportingly and commented that she is open to act in films if good roles come her way and most importantly if there is only one week call sheet requirement. So, wait till Sep 14 to see this evergreen beauty on the silver screen in an inspiring role. Hope we could see her in many more wonderful roles in future as well!

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