Adavari matalaku ardhale verule (AMAV) - Telugu Video Songs

ఆడవారి మాటలకు అర్ధాలే వేరులే - telugu videos songs.
*ing: Victory Venkatesh, Trisha, Megana Naidu, Mumaith Khan
Na manasuki...
Cheli Chamaku...
O Baby..o baby

Streams: youtube

Balakrishna Birthday Videos 2007

Balakrishna Birthday Function Videos - 2007

Nandamuri andagadu balayaa janmadina vedukalu

Part1 -- Part2

streams: Utube

BhagavadGeetha in Telugu - Ghantasala

Part1 --- Part2 --- Part3 --- Part4

This is Video presentation of BHAGAVADGEETHA ,as vocally rendered by Sri Ghantasala with Telugu transaltion. Telugu transalation is written by Sri Rangayya Sastry.

source: Sreerama Murty Seetepalli
Streams: googlevideos

Making of Sivaji The Boss- Shooting Videos

*ing: RajiniKanth, Shreya Serin, Suman
Sivaji Shooting at Pune

Sivaji shooting at Bilbao

Sivaji shooting spot1 ---- spot2 --- spot3

Here are some interesting facts about Rajnikant's Sivaji which is due for the release on 15 June -
  1. Director Shankar used 2500 junior artists for the introduction scene of Rajnikant.
  2. A huge set of glass house was built to shoot Sahana song.
  3. 4K DI (Digital Intermediate) digital camera is used for the first time in India for this film.
  4. Helium Balloon light is used to shoot a song. The crew has to use 13 helium cylinders for the lighting.
  5. The team of Shankar saw important footages of most of Rajnikant’s films since his debut in 1975. They found that Rajnikant looked best in Padikkadavan (1985) film. Then Shankar summoned the make-up artist to come up with a similar hairdo for Rajnikant 22 years later.
  6. Rajnikant donned 15 different hair styles for this film. He also tonsured his head and shaven off his mustache for a get-up in this film. A make-up artist from France is flown in for this purpose.
  7. A few songs of this film are shot in USA and Sapin.
  8. Soundarya - daughter of Rajnikant - supervised the 600 scenes of Computer Graphics work that lasts for 50 minutes in this film. It took over an year to do this CG work.
  9. Bellamkonda Suresh is said to have bought the Telugu remake rights (excluding satellite, overseas, ringtones, audio etc) for a whopping 14 crores. It is also learnt that this film is sold for 20 crores in AP (4 crores for Ceded, 6.75 crores for Nizam and 9 crores from Andhra).

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