Nandamuri fans fuming at Dil Raju

The recent theatre issue (replacing Srimannarayana with Shiridi Sai in KPHB's Arjun) is bringing headache for some of the bigwigs in the Industry. After producer Ramesh Puppala staged a protest before the theater for replacing Srimannarayana overnight to facilitate a new release has caught the attention of everyone. Nandamuri fans have been upset with the fact that the management resorted to change the film within one week despite running with good collections (60% on week days) and Balayya being a big hero.

As per the rules, theaters management were not allowed to stop the screening of a film if there is 50 percent occupancy for every show. However, the exhibitors had never taken this so seriously and thus ending up stirring controversies every now and then.

Fans of the actor who came to know that the theater belongs to noted producer Dil Raju who was distributing Shirdi Sai in Nizam territory have been breathing fire at Dil Raju. They are now demanding the film chamber to put an end to the theatre monopoly in the state.

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