Allari Naresh Shocked Rajinikanth

Sudden Star can do anything on the screen and can shock anyone off the screen. Talk of the town is that none other than Superstar Rajnikanth is shocked after looking at him recently.

'Sudigadu' is one of the biggest grosser in Allari Naresh career  and the film is doing wonderful business in overseas also. Wondered by this sudden attention for 'Sudigadu', Superstar Rajnikanth has showed immense interest to watch it. For his convenience, a special digital version of the film is screened at Rajni's house the other day and guess what happened to him? He is on cloud nine after watching the flick and might have shocked with Naresh repeating a Rajni most of the time in 'Sudigadu'.

Well, Sudigadu stands to its tag line that it is equal to 100 films on a single ticket and Superstar Rajni too got a chance to watch best Telugu films all at a time in this Naresh starrer.

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