Sada's Glamour Headache For Producer

In no time, middle-men emerge at all sorts of work and they are much more prevalent in film industry. There are these 'Satellite Babus' in Telugu industry and right now they are running after spicy Marathi siren Sada's glamour giving a headache to producers.

When a celebrated heroine suddenly rips her clothes off, people will run mad after her in pursuit of that hotness. Same thing is happening with Sada, from the time her hot song from Navdeep starrer Mythri is in stands. Our middleman Babus are heard offering huge bucks for the producers to fix a deal for Satellite Rights such that they can sell them at an escalated price to TV channels. At one point the producer is shocked as to why TV channels are not approaching him but these 'middle' fellows. The main reason behind that is Sada's hot glamour and that can be used numerous times on a channel to glue viewers.

Sometimes, over luck will also remain a headache as we cannot choose between the available options easily. Right now, Mythri  producers are still finding difficult to finalize one, though that will recover their budget to the most.

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