Andhra Chief Minister Rosaiah Resigns

CM Rosiah resigns
Kiran Kumar Reddy in CM Race

Hyderabad: As senior Congress leaders headed to Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister K Rosaiah has announced his resignation.

The party in Andhra Pradesh has faced a public and massive attack from one of its own against the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi.

On Friday, Sakshi TV, owned by Jagan Mohan Reddy, broadcast a program that was scathing in its assessment of both leaders. The channel's management said Jagan Mohan was not aware of the show's contents. Re-runs of the same show did not carry the controversial parts.

Rosaiah has seen massive resistance within his party from supporters of Jagan, whose father, the immensely-popular YSR, died in a helicopter crash last September. Rosaiah was picked to replace him as chief minister- Jagan and his camp have challenged this decision through campaigns like the Odarpu Yatra which saw Jagan touring the state in a show of strength, in open defiance of the party which had ordered him to cut short the road show.
Rosaiah spent the day in Delhi yesterday meeting with senior Congress leaders. The Congress decided that it would not penalize Jagan for now - the party believes it needs to focus on its battle with the Opposition in parliament over the 2G spectrum scam. This winter session has seen non-stop adjournment of both houses over the 2G issue.

Today, Pranab Mukherjee, Ahmed Patel and Moily will meet with Congress MLAs in Hyderabad. A formal resolution praising Sonia Gandhi is expected to be announced here, along with a strongly-worded condemnation of the Sakshi TV show.


Front runners are:

  • Kirankumar Reddy, Speaker of the Assembly
  • Geeta Reddy, currently Tourism Minister
  • B Satyanarayana, currently Panchayati Raj Minister
  • Jaipal Reddy, who is from the politically-sensitive and important Telangana region

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