Nag's Hand Behind Sreenu Vytla's Success

If you call one actor who advises you without any second thought and frankly regarding your work, it will be King Nagarjuna only. It is revealed that he is the man behind the astonishing success of Sreenu  Vytla in Telugu Industry. Check out how!

During his initial days, Sreenu Vytla struggled to make his first flick and at last got a couple of guys to produce his 'Nee Kosam'. But the flick is more art kind of and no one dared to release it until Ramoji Rao jumped into its distribution. The best advice, however, came in from King Nag who advised Vytla to add more entertainment to the stories he is preparing. And from then, our director never missed comedy, especially 'drinking' scenes that outshine in his movies, and we know how his career graph peaked to a high.

In a recent interview given to media, Nagarjuna revealed this. Maybe this is the reason why Sreenu Vytla always gives Nag a special place while talking about his career at various places. He made 'King' with Nag and used Nag's name to humorous extent in 'Dookudu' too.

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