Heroines Can Be Used This Way Too!

Generally glam-dolls are used to generate sensuous current for a film through their sizzling presence. Sometimes, they got to do a bit of performance and off course some actress are good at both. But, here is this talented director using them for other stuff.

After a long hiatus, Ravibabu is back in the spotlight with a horror flick titled 'Avunu'. Though the teaser is released long back, it got only lukewarm response that ultimately made Ravi to come up with an interesting foreword for the movie. He is saying that 'Avunu' is based on a real life incident narrated by heroine Yami Gautham, who sizzled in his previous flick 'Nuvvila'. The director is said to be scared for a whole night, missing all sleep and driving home at midnight with the fear of staying alone in his hotel room.

The only thing that matters is how far audience will be scared with 'Avunu' and fills the pockets of producers, but not how Ravibabu got scared. All his recent flicks like 'Manasara' and 'Nuvvila' burned investors and we have to see what happens to this flick.

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