Hot Guntur Chillies Bugged Red Hot Beauty

The power of Guntur chillies is known to Telugu people very well and our writers often use this as a superlative to define hero's character. These famous chillies are now bugging a red hot chick and the result is quite disappointing for her.

Shubha Phutela is a striking young beauty from Kannada model circuit. After considering many scripts, she has finally decided to land in Telugu films through dynamic hero Ram's latest movie. Shubha is the lead girl of Ram-Bhaskar's latest venture 'Ongole Gitta' that filmed for quite a time in Guntur Mirchi Yard. However, the pungent smell of those red chillies has affected this hot girl with an allergy, before she is advised to take bed rest for two months. Huh! The young beauty is now out of the flick as the maker, BVSN Prasad cannot hold his film for two months.

This is what we say luck plays a kicking role to get roles in Film Industry. Poor girl Shubha! Recover fast and comeback with more energy for another best debut.

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