Bipasha's Film Spreading Rumors On Shriya?

Most of the times in Bollywood's masala flicks, characterization of some lead actors/actresses imitate the real life of other heroes/heroines in the tinsel town. Recently two flicks are doing that, Heroine and Raaz 3, but one of them had closeness to Shriya and here goes the rumor.

Spicy siren Bipasha Basu is rocking the tinsel town with her latest movie Raaz 3 which is doing brilliantly well on day one. Bips played the role of a vanishing top actress Shanaya, while the movie revolves around her revenge on an upcoming actress and the ways to stop her from getting into fame. Well, the name 'Shanaya' is carefully chosen according to producers, but its closeness with the name Shriya is the mother of rumours now. These two names are sounding a bit close and at present Shriya is also a top actress on the edge of vanishing and whose career graph is exciting for realistic movie makers. So, should we buy this argument?

Film observers are totally writing off these rumours, because they feel more than Shriya's career it is Bipasha's graph that is dropping down and the character in Raaz 3 resembles her own self. Frankly speaking, Shriya is not at all a completed book, because she is having 'Life Is Beautiful' in hand that might revive her lost glory.

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