Will Nitin And Nitya End Up Marrying?

Young hero Nitin and cute sensation Nitya Menon are sending romantic feelers to film fraternities once again. Cine observers say that they should end up marrying this time and then only it will be convincing.

When time is taking its revenge on both these stars, there happened 'Ishq', a saviour that filled their mouths with sweet and sugar. Since then, the couple got different opportunitnes but nothing big took place. Reports are arriving now that Nitin and Nitya Menon are pairing up once again for an upcoming movie of Ishq producers. In their previous venture, the hot pair ended up hand in hand after a loving each other and this time it is a family drama, so they will tie the knot too. We have to see how the debut director will convince audience that this romantic pair is an irreplaceable one in Tollywood.

As of now, this movie is in talks and official confirmation is yet to come from the production house. However, fans are requesting Nitya to slim a little bit as her flab at some curvy places is sometimes disturbing the mood!

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