Lord Krishna, Gandhi And Akkineni Hero!

Comparison is always a perfect form to appreciate one's talent unless the subject and object are two extraordinary things. Same thing happened between our Akkineni hero and the other two influential people.

Nagarjuna's 'Shirdi Sai' is one film in Tollywood that is having almost a same opinion from all sorts of people. Nag's performance as Sai Baba takes us to 1900s with ease and the philosophy of that character makes us see a Sai there but not Nagarjuna at any time. Admiring his acting prowess, star director Rajamouli says that a Nag stands beside the likes of two veterans, Ben Kingsley who acted as Gandhi and NT Rama Rao who donned Lord Krishna roles with ease. Both Ben and NTR proved to world that they are born to live in those roles and in the same way Nag too, feels Rajamouli. More than the money he receives as remuneration, these praises are worth tonnes of gold, platinum and all precious metals and above. Way to Nag!

The big heart of Nagarjuna is not just limited to his on-screen antics, but it comes in real life too. Our sources revealed that Nagarjuna has donated all the remuneration he got through 'Shirdisai' to charity, and his wife Amala Akkineni is looking over it such that the money helps a social cause.

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