Couple Annoys Telugu Hero On Ring Road

Outer ring road, the name that is not only familiar with people going to Shamshabad International airport, but also for bike riders, thrill seekers and time spending couples. Many times, these people have seemed trouble for other passersby and here is the latest.

Hyderabad is earning lot of income through renting Outer Ring Road for film shootings. Many chase scenes, lovers' bike riding kind of stuff are filmed here by our directors and hero Navdeep is also doing same thing now. The other day when this handsome hero is shooting one such chase, a young couple has annoyed him. Apparently the boy is giving training to the girl regarding driving on ORR and Navdeep missed them hitting by a hairline during the filming of a car sequence. Not just hurt, Navdeep lost patience and took class to that couple, a source revealed.

Outer Ring Road is something to facilitate people for saving time to reach other places, but doing feats there might cut our total time in this world. Avoid doing stunts there!

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