Prabhas gets a shock from SK

Prabhas's Rebel, which has been under production for so many years, is aiming for September release. Despite the delay fans are happy that it is going to get wide release without any competition. All other biggies that were planned for September release have been pushed to other dates. When things are looking bright for Prabhas, out came a competitor leaving Rebel fans in shock.

Sekhar Kammula's Life is Beautiful was actually planned for release in August. Now it has been pushed to September 13. LIB is not comparable to Rebel in any way. But the brand value of Sekhar Kammula is big in cities and overseas. It will not be easy for Rebel if LIB releases at the same time. Sekhar Kammula doesn't care about competition and has a knack of taking on biggies.

Anand was released along with Shankardada MBBS and Happy Days released against Chiruta. Sekhar don't bother about external factors and just releases his film when it is ready. If both the films release at the same time without any changes, we hope both the movies does well. Wait, September is also going to witness Shirdi Sai and Srimannarayana. Well, September is going to be huge for Tollywood.

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