Sekhar Kammula goes to Bollywood

Sensible filmmaker Sekhar Kammula is planning to enter into the Hindi Film Industry with his next project. He will move to the script work of this film after the release of his upcoming youthful film 'Life Is Beautiful'. "My next film will be in Hindi. Most probably, it could be the remake of one of my previous films. If not, I may choose a new subject," reveals the filmmaker. 

When asked if he is comfortable with Hindi, Sekhar replied, "I could only make films in the languages in which I am comfortable with. Being a Hyderabadi, I know Hindi well".

In Sekhar's opinion, the success of any film depends on how well the audience connect with the human emotions in the film - no matter what the language it might be. So, he is not apprehensive in testing his luck in Bollywood. 

Most of top league Telugu directors haven't shown interest to direct a Bollywood flick. Rajamouli refused Magadheera remake offer, Srinu Vytla turned down Dhee remake and recently Vamsi Paidipalli rejected Brindavanam remake. Ram Gopal Varma was the only Telugu director who earned a name for himself and survived for so long in B-town. Now, its Sekhar's turn to prove his mettle!

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