Last chance for Naga Chaitanya

Akkinenis are known as best romantic heroes in Telugu cinema. But Nagarjuna doesn't want his son Naga Chaitanya to be labeled as romantic hero. May be he was bored of playing second fiddle to mass heroes like Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna. Even ANR was number 2 in films in that era while NTR ruled Telugu cinema industry.

Nagarjuna believes that only a mass hero could be on top all the time. He tried to turn one but gave up due to obvious reasons. Now he is desperately trying to make Chaitanya a mass hero. Sadly, Chaitu didn't live up to his dad's expectations until now. He failed as a mass/action hero in Dhada and Bejawada.

Nagarjuna is waiting for the result of Autonagar Surya, in which Chaitanya is playing the role of a hot blooded youth. This is like last chance for Chaitanya to test 'mass' waters. If he succeeds he will continue to explore and explode until he turns into a major star. Or else Nagarjuna will push him towards romantic genre films. Hence, Chaitanya's next films aren't fixed yet.

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