The best 'copy cats' in Tollywood

When a filmmaker tries to copy or lift content from other films, he will be criticized if he fails to do justice to it. Copying is an art and one should be careful and very creative when it comes to 'stealing ideas'. If one manages to pull off a copy work in his own style, people don't bother about it much. Are there any such talented copy cats in Tollywood?

Take Rajamouli he is easily the best among the lot. Most of his films have scenes and situations inspired/copied from Hollywood or other foreign language films. Maryada Ramanna was a blatant copy of Our Hospitality. His recent blockbuster Eega has too many scenes inspired from Bee Movie. 

Another best copy cat in Tollywood is Trivikram. There are too many scenes in Trivikram's films that are deliberately copied from English and other language films. He just adds his flavor of dialogues to make them appeal to our audiences. His recent hit Julayi too was heavily inspired from various Hollywood films. However, people don't care about all this stuff until they are entertained. So one has to know how to entertain audience no matter wherever his works are sourced from!

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