He is great inspiration to everyone

The family members of Legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao expressed their happiness on the occasion of celebrating 80 years of his acting career in Tollywood. All these years we have seen what a great actor ANR has been in front of the camera, but now his family reveals what he is as a person in real life.

"He is a support system for me and my family. Every Today if I have some problem, I will approach him for help. He is a complete man. Incredible family values, closeness, warmth - that's what he gave us. Thank you Nanna. We all love you," shares Nag.

"My father-in-law Nageswara Rao Garu and mother-in-law Annapurna garu accepted me into their heart and home so warmly like a daughter. ANR has been a great inspiration to everyone in the family and everyone who knows him. He is extremely forward thinking and always included women in every single decision and every aspect of family. Whereever I go lots of people come to me and ask 'Nageswara Rao garu bagunnara...' I so proud of what he had achieved. Thanks to my father-in-law," opines Amala.

"The present generation could only dream of what my grand father has achieved. For me ANR is more than a grand father, a person who I look up to and someone I would want to learn a lot. He frequently enquires about my films, watches them even before the release, points out the flaws in my acting and also appreciates me when I have done something good. His criticism helps me to turn into a better actor. Personally I like 'Gundamma Katha' and that's one film I want to do in Today's times," reveals Naga Chaitanya.   

Let us wish this Legendary Actor good health and hopefully he will act in many more films in future. Hats off to ANR!

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