Superstar becomes an army man!!

Those who are in the army have always got a special respect and regard in the society but for an actor to become an army man is quite a challenge. It was Suriya in the film 'Suriya S/o Krishnan' who showed how a true army man looks like. After that, many actors have done army men roles but they never really fitted into that frame.
Anyways, another star is all set to be seen as an army man and he is none other than Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan. This is happening in his new movie which is being directed by Yash Chopra. Sources say SRK's army look got revealed recently and he looked quite rugged in it.
The film also has the angel of beauty Katrina Kaif and recently the teaser of the film was revealed. Few years back, King Khan was seen as a commando in the movie 'Main Hoon Na' and before that, he starred as an army officer in the TV serial 'Fauji' during the starting days of his career. Let us see how he carries this one. 

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