Telugu Stars Avoiding Ex-Star Heroine?

Telugu stars are someone who are simply emotional and have lot of sentiments. Time and again this is proved and it is taking toll on none other the veteran beauty Sridevi who still got that vigour.
Sridevi is all set to scorch silver screen again with her comeback Hindi comedy movie 'English Vinglish'. In fact, a Telugu hero is supposed to play a guest role in the Telugu version of this flick, but Tamil hero Ajith has done that. Though many star and aged heroes from Tollywood are ready, Sridevi showed no interest in them, reveals a source. While she is having equal number of fans in Telugu and Tamil circuits, it is Telugu industry that has given ultra-top stardom to her. So, Telugu stars are having a reason to avoid this aged hot aunty.
Some sources however felt that Ajith's role is not that important and it is better for Telugu heroes to stay off such guest appearances as they are of no use. Wait for the release of 'English Vinglish' to know the facts. 

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